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To further extend your child's motor development, we suggest that you visit the SAQ website. SAQ specialise in developing Speed, Agility and Quickness and have programmes available for any ability from pre school children up to and including professional sports. 

First Class Learning

The First Class Learning Mathematics Programme is structured to meet the needs of primary and secondary school children specifically in the UK. Topics include:

  • Number (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division as well as fractions, percentages and decimals)

  • Algebra

  • Shape, space and measure

  • Handling Data

Subject content matches that used by the child in school and is derived from The National Curriculum for England and Wales and the 5-14 Programme for Scotland. more...

The First Class Learning English Programme is a skills based programme structured to meet the needs of primary and secondary school children specifically in the UK and incorporates the successful Beat Dyslexia series. This gives a structured, multi-sensory approach, which includes:

  • Phonics

  • Learning to reading

  • Spelling and handwriting

  • English comprehension

Essentially a synthetic phonics programme, the First Class Learning English programme is consistent with the forthcoming changes in the teaching of reading in schools in England.


'Key to Learning' is a unique educational programme based on Vygotsky's ideas but benefiting from and developing out of the latest worldwide research into children's learning. Our development programme for pre school learning in the Early years has benefited from collaboration with 'Key To Learning'.

The theoretical framework that forms the basis of 'Key to Learning' Curriculum is Lev Vygotsky's social-cultural theory of cognition and learning. He was the Russian Mozart of Psychology, who taught us some fascinating things about the process of growth and transformation.

What is so special in Vygotsky's Theory that makes it so attractive and relevant more than half a century after its conception? It's a novel and unique way of viewing mental development.

Vygotsky proposed that mental tools are to the mind as mechanical tools are to the body. Cultures use symbols, diagrams, models, graphs, maps, language and other symbolic devices. Children need to acquire these tools of the mind early, because it is these tools that will enable them to succeed in formal education. What's more, these cultural tools radically change the process of learning, allowing children to organise and regulate their own cognitive processes.

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