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Child Development Programme

An Early Years foundation stage Case Study

Alfie Farr, aged 3 years old

When Alfie started nursery school, his mother was worried that with all the media surrounding children in the early years, especially boys, failing at school, she wanted to ensure that she helped him to prepare as much as possible.

She was relieved to hear about the Child Development Programme, as it would help give her the tools she needed. She was impressed by the almost immediate response in Alfie and improvement in his behaviour from playing together with the programme for just 15 minutes each day.

Alfie has always been a confident, outgoing and happy child who enjoys being with other children and adults, however, his mother was concerned that this may result in his being disruptive in school, as actually having him sit down and engage in a task was quite difficult, as it is for most boys of his age.

Once they started using the Child Development Programme his mother noticed an almost immediate change in his behaviour. When he used other games he would soon get bored, but she found he enjoyed the activities and would remain engaged because of the interaction with her and the way that it challenged him to think for himself.

“For the past year I have noticed how he loses interest in his toys within minutes, which makes it hard for me to get on household tasks and also it seems to cause him to get quite hyperactive and demand attention. Whereas with the programme we can work together, but also, I can set him some shapes to copy and he will happily spend around an hour playing by himself, which is fantastic at his age. It has also had a positive effect on his confidence levels as he is proud to accomplish the tasks I set him.?/p>

Since using the programme she has noticed that his language and communication skills have significantly developed. As an always chatty child, he will now quite happily speak to relatives on the phone and have a proper conversation, being able to describe his day and also ask them questions too, which for a pre school child of only 3 years old shows advanced language skills. This has been helped by Alfie using the educational toys in the pack to tell stories, as rather than telling a child a story, it is much more beneficial to let them use their imagination and learn to think of and use descriptive words.

“From seeing other pre school children of Alfie’s age, I can really now see the difference the programme. I’ve been able to assess his skill levels and by using the DVD and manual set him activities which get increasingly difficult, it’s amazing to watch him progress before my eyes. I truly believe that it is the most valuable gift I have given him, second only to bringing him into this world!?/p>


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