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The Child Development Programme learning resource

The Child Development Programme is a learning resource ideal for teachers and parents of pre school children at the Early Years Foundation Stage - specifically ages 3 - 5.

Instead of a simple educational toy targeting a single aspect of development (reading, writing etc), the whole spectrum of skills are targeted - physical development, communication, social, perceptual, with the emphasis on providing your pre school child with activities to help them learn and further their development.

The resource pack contains:

  • An in-depth manual providing information on brain development and the acquiring skills
  • A Wrist Strap
  • 108 Coloured Shapes
  • A Ladder
  • A Soft Ball
  • Four Feet templates
  • Two coloured discs
  • A turtle beanie
  • A DVD illustrating the use of the above

More important, however, is how these 'toys' can help your pre school child develop in the early years so instructions are included on how this apparatus can be used to help your pre school child develop. In the appendices there are templates to record your child's development and produce targeted programmes of development. Copies of these templates are available from this website and are free to parents of early years children who have bought the pack.

Now you can view sections from our Child Development Programme video. either High Quality, (70Mb) Medium quality (11Mb) or low quality (3Mb)

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