Early Learning Activities for children in the early Years Foundation Stage (3-5 years)

How our preschool early learning activities can help your child develop in the Early Years

The child activity pack from Mentis-XLThe preschool activities your child can do with our pack can help their early learning and education especially at the Early Years Foundation Stage (eyfs). Early Learning skills are encouraged to develop in pre school children.

How activities can help a preschool child develop

At Mentis-XL we are concerned that pre-school children are not engaging in the sort of activities that would help their development in the early years.

We have therefore produced a pack with which you and your pre school youngster can participate and which are structured to help their development

To your child it will seem like an educational toy but in fact the aim is to help your child develop the skills needed for early learning.

We place great store on developing movement skills, so sadly lacking in many of today's pre-school children but also include others.

These are not the three 'Rs' - reading, writing and arithmetic. Instead they concentrate on developing skills such as movement, social skills and perception.

On our website is information relating to this programme and a sample video showing the type of exercises we are trying to encourage parents to try.

For further information on how the programme helps early years learning in pre school children.

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