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Pre-school child education with our child development programmeAT Mentis-XL we believe that education for your child should begin in the early years foundation stage (pre school). Our development programme may look like an educational toy or game, but it has been designed to target your child's education and help their early learning.

Regrettably there is not much child education information available from professionals that can be easily accessed and parents, although trying to do their best may be uncertain as to how to help their children.

At Mentis-XL we believe that child education should begin at an early age and have therefore produced a programme that should help with their development.

Why child education is important at an early age

It is important that your child is educated to develop those skills that will help in later life. Of utmost importance is developing motor co-ordination yet recent research has shown that more than half children entering school have not mastered the expected milestones. There is evidence that lack of development of motor skills goes with increased hyperactivity.

Our early years programme is not based on reading, writing or arithmetic. Instead a structured series of activities has been developed to encourage movement skills, thinking skills, social skills in pre school children aged three to five.

It has been developed by an Educational Psychologist with over 20 years experience and specialising in the 'Early Years'.

On our website is information relating to this programme and a sample video showing the type of exercises we are trying to encourage parents of pre school chidlren to try.

The Programme can be bought singly (for parents) or in packs of 12 as a teaching resource for teachers of pre-school children.

For more information on how child education can be enhanced with our product - click here.

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