A Child Toy designed to aid development in the Early Years

A child toy with a difference.

The child toy from Mentis-XLThe child Development Programme is more than just a child toy. It aims to encourage development in pre-school children at the Early Years Foundation stage in key areas - making it an ideal gift for parents.

Too often a child toy has minimal educational abilities. A button is pressed - a picture pops up - and that's it!

Mentis Excel Ltd believe that the best a child toy can offer is a stimulating experience preferably with the interaction of a parent.

We have therefore produced for you and your pre school child a programme of development that is both enjoyable and should help with their development. It's also fun to use and provides quality time together.

Designed by a leading Educational Psychologist, our programme is not based on reading, writing or arithmetic. Instead, for children aged three to five, a structured series of activities has been developed to encourage movement skills, thinking skills, social skills.

On our website is information relating to this programme and a sample video showing the type of activities we are trying to encourage parents to try.

For more information about this child toy please view the video or click here.

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