Early Childhood Education - pre-school learning

Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education at Mentis-XLResearch shows that on entering education, many pre-school children at the Early Years Foundation Stage are lacking in development of key skills such as movement, thinking and social skills. At this stage of their education, children should be concentrating on these skills rather than the 3 'R's.

One of the key aspects of childhood education in the Early Years is the pre-school ages of 3 - 5. During this period of childhood, children are receptive to new ideas and can make great strides in the development of their education.

To help with your child's education, we have therefore produced with care for you a structured programme that should help with their early learning. The programme is targeted at parents of pre school children aged three to five. This is not just an educational toy. It has been specifically designed to encourage interaction between parents and children and, unlike most toys, the activities provide a long-lasting benefit in the skills needed.

Childhood education is NOT the three 'R's

Our childhood education programme is not based on reading, writing or arithmetic. Instead a structured series of activities has been developed to encourage movement skills, thinking skills, social skills and perception in children aged three to five.

During childhood, movement is of paramount importance in education as developing movement skills also assists in neurological development. Recent research into education shows that less than half children entering nursery have the expected movement skills and it appears that this lack is also one of the reasons for increased levels of hyperactivity found in the classroom.

On our website is information relating to this programme and a sample video showing the type of exercises we are trying to encourage parents to try.

To see how our childhood education pack can help you please watch the video or click here.

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