Our new early childhood learning programme - Mentis-XL

Assisting early childhood learning at home.

The child activity pack from Mentis-XLEarly childhood learning can be assisted by parents to help their child's early learning and acquire and develop their skills through a series of pre school activities. Early learning will benefit your child throughout their life.

At Mentis-XL we believe that part of the early learning you provide for your children should be a stimulating environment and a wide range of activities. This of necessity will center on the home environment and parental involvement.

We have therefore produced a programme to help your child development that should help them extend their skills through a range of pre school activities for the Early Years Foundation Stage (eyfs)(3-5 years).

How our programme works

Our early childhood learning programme is not based on reading, writing or arithmetic. Instead it centres on a structured series of activities to encourage the early development of movement skills, thinking skills, social skills in children aged three to five.

It may come as a shock but more than half the children entering school (nursery or reception) do not have the expected motor skills - they lack co-ordination, perception and balance. This is a serious matter especially as there is some evidence that lack of motor skills is also accompanied by an increase in hyperactivity.

Our programme therefore starts off with a motor assessment so you can see how your child should be developing before offering structured tasks and activities to correct and improve co-ordination.

On our website is information relating to this programme and a sample video showing the type of exercises we are trying to encourage parents to try.

For more information on how our programme of activities can help pre school children please view the video or click here.


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