Early Learning - pre-school child development: Mentis-XL

A new early learning approach.

Early Learning through the child development programmeMentis XL believe in early learning for pre-school children at the EYFS. Our Child Development Programme has been developed to help such early learning.

We believe that early learning for pre-school children should involve more than just the learning goals of the three 'R's - reading, writing and arithmetic.

We have discovered that child development amongst pre-school children is regressing with many children well below the skills expected of them at the Foundation Stage (age 3 - 5). 

To help with your child's development we have produced our Child Development Programme.

Instead of learning the three 'Rs' a series of activities has been developed to encourage movement skills, thinking skills, social skills in children aged three to five.

The programme has been produced by an Educational Psychologist with more than 20 years experience in the 'Early Years'.

On our website is information relating to this learning programme and a sample video showing the type of exercises we are trying to encourage parents to try.

For more information on how early learning is helped by the Child Development Programme please view the video - or click here.

Additional information on a child's learning milestones is also available from our home page. This provides a valuable checklist to ensure that parents can confirm that their child is developing at the expected rate and can raise concerns with Young People's Services should the need arise.


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