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Where can I buy the Child Development Programme?

The Child Development Programme can only be purchased online. Parents can buy the back singly for their pre-school children. Early Years Foundation Stage Settings such as Sure Start can buy this valuable teaching resource in shippers of 12 packs.

Is the Child Development Programme available in other countries?

We will dispatch the programme worldwide. Please note the programme is only available in English

Is this an educational toy? Will it help accelerated learning?

This is more than an educational toy. The Child Development Programme aims at encouraging your child to accelerate their development and learning of their social, language, perceptual and motor skills through activities and interaction with you and your family. Improving these skills enables your child to learn to think rather than simple rote learning of facts.

I run a nursery under the 'every child matters' theme. Do you give discounts for large orders?

You can order the programme in packs of 12 at a substantial discount - click the BUY NOW link for further details.

As this is home learning, can I leave my child alone so that they can learn by themselves?

No: the whole point of the Programme is that you, as parent interacts with your child (if only for 20 minutes a day), are able to see how your child is developing and can set targets to encourage that development. One key feature is that your child will wish to set you targets once they have mastered each step.

What sort of children can benefit from the Programme?

Because the activities presented in this Programme are in tune with children's development, it is suitable for children of all abilities. The important thing is to identify where your child is at the moment and progress forwards from there. Some of the perceptual templates, for instance are at a level for six-year olds. There are extension activities which users can access via the website

What age should my child be?

The Programme is targeted at children from the age of three to five.

What is the basis for the Child Development Programme?

The programme has been developed by an Education Psychologist with more than 20 years experience working with children. The parents who have used it have seen positive benefits.

Early Learning: I read that the ages from one to three are the most important for the developing child. Why wait until three to five?

Mentis-XL is devoted to improving the ability of children of all ages. We are currently working on a programme for children under the age of three, which will dovetail into the current Child Development Programme.

Is this just a child game?

Actually a child learns a lot through games and play. The programme has incorporated essential activities to help you child learn. The activities are fun and, whilst to a child they may be a game, they are of real benefit.

Now you can view sections from our Child Development Programme video. either High Quality, (70Mb) Medium quality (11Mb) or low quality (3Mb)

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