Mentis-XL: Pre School Activities at the Early Years Foundation Stage

Pre School Activities for Child Development

The BoxPreschool activities have never been more fun than with The Child Development Programme. 

There is evidence that preschool children in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) (maybe due to lack of activities) are showing increasing delays in their development. The Child Development Programme is an invaluable aid and has been developed to encourage Early Years children to improve in motor skills, language, information and social skills with activities to aid their development. 

The preschool activities in The Child Development Programme are an holistic approach, with them extending learning skills that are essential pre-requisites for the development of language, literacy, numeracy and thinking skills. 

Preschool children love the activities. It's a great link between early years education at home, and carrying through with their development - extending the activities at nursery and reception class at school.

pre school learning All preschool Children in the Early years (aged 3 - 6) will benefit with the activities - the programme is suitable for the development of a child of any ability, learning through challenging activities.

child development The DVD guides parents through a series of activities to work with their child and aid in their development.

early years foundation stage Children Using the Child Development Programme have made dramatic advances developing their communication skills, thinking ability and pre school learning.

Examples of how the preschool activities assisted in Child Development

Mentis-XL Ellie was 3 years, 2 months when she began using the programme and in only 6 months was understanding at the level of a 6 year old.

Bishop Thomas was 3 1/2. He had learning difficulties and associated problems with language. After 9 months on the programme his thinking skills and perceptual ability were those of an age equivalent child.


The preschool activities can help Children can develop in the following different areas

gross Activities to improve Gross motor skills - such learning to run, jump, hop and skip

Fine Motor skills Activities to improve Fine Motor skills - learning to grasp a pen

perceptual skills Activities to improve Perceptual skills

information Learning about Information processing

concentration Improving Concentration - which helps overall learning

Further Information

bullet Milestones in preschool child development can now be found on our website. These detail gross and fine motor skills, language, social and reasoning milestones.

bullet Additional activities are available through this website (user area) to help your child's learning. These are graded for children of all abilities.

bullet We suggest you view the video (downloadable in different resolutions),  to get a feel at what we can offer your child and how the programme can accelerate child development. 

About the Programme

Madeleine Portwood The activities programme has been developed by Dr Madeleine Portwood, who has been an Educational Psychologist for more than 20 years, specialising in children in the 'Early Years'. Her motor programme is used extensively to assist children in early years education.

How to buy the resource

To benefit from the activities, the Child Development Programme, suitable for the Early Years Foundation Stage costs ?4.99 plus ?0.00 postage and packing in the UK. We will send the pack worldwide (prices on the BUY NOW form. Discounts are available for ordering packs of 12 (suitable as a learning resource for nurseries, play groups or other establishments).

External Links

Learning: at the National Strategies Website

Help for parents about early years learning: Government Website

Information from Ofsted about the EYFS

Centre for Excellence and Outcomes in Children and Young People's Services - Evaluation of  the Child Development Programme and its effect on improving the education skills of children in the Early Years Foundation Stage in Darlington

The Dyspraxia foundation - for children with movement difficulties

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