Nursery Education - how the Mentis-XL Child Development Programme can help

The Child Development Programme is an ideal resource for nursery education

The Child Development Programme teaching resource helps pre-school children in the Early Years Foundation StageTeachers of children entering reception are concerned about the development of children's gross and fine motor skills as well as lack of concentration. Including the Child Development Programme in nursery education could help improve matters. 

 In the past, children of nursery age would spend their time in activities such as running and jumping. As well as nursery education they would interact with their parents at home, e.g. playing in the garden, climbing frames, slides etc

Regrettably this does not happen so much so nursery education must be structured to maximise child development. The Child Development Programme consists of structured programmes, not only in motor but also in language, literacy and cognitive development.

bullet All nursery age Children (aged 3 - 5) will benefit - the programme is suitable for the development of a child of any ability.

bullet Children will love the 'toys and games'. The DVD guides parents and teachers through a series of activities to work with their child.

bullet Nursery-age children Using the Child Development Programme have made huge advances developing their communication skills, thinking ability and learning.

Areas of Development

Nursery children can develop in the following different areas

bullet Gross motor skills - running, jumping, hopping, skipping

bullet Fine Motor skills - grasping a pen

bullet Perceptual skills

bullet Learning about Information processing

bullet Improving Concentration - which helps learning generally

Further Information

bullet Additional education activities are available through this website (user area) to help your child develop. These are graded for pre school children of all abilities.

bullet We suggest you view the video, taken from the DVD supplied with the programme, to get a feel at what we can offer your child and how your child can learn from the toys. You can select the video quality depending if you have a dial-up or broadband connection.

About the Programme

Madeleine Portwood - the creator of the Child Development Programme for use as a teaching resourceThe programme has been developed by Dr Madeleine Portwood, who has been an Educational Psychologist for more than 20 years, specialising in children in the 'Early Years'. Her motor programme is used extensively and freely in schools to assist children.

Children can now benefit from her experience in early years education. Nursery education has never been more fun for your child.

How to buy the resource

The Child Development Programme, suitable for the Early Years Foundation Stage i.e. pre school costs 34.99 + 10.00 postage and packing in the UK. It is only available online. We will send the pack anywhere in the EU (prices on the BUY NOW form. Discounts are available for ordering packs of 12 (suitable for nurseries, play groups or other pre school learning establishments).

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