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The pre school educational toy/game - The Child Development ProgrammeLimited stocks are available

You may order the programme either on an individual basis e.g. as a parent for your preschool child or in packs of 12 - suitable for nurseries, kindergarten or playgroups.

All orders include delivery - the price depends on whether delivery is to the UK, Europe or Worldwide.

Single Packs - dispatched to

UK/ Ireland : 34.99 plus 10.00 postage and packing: BUY NOW

Europe : 34.99 plus 15.00 postage and packing: BUY NOW

For supply of a single pack directly to the middle east, contact Ebdaah at info(@) or call +971 4 277 8094

Multiple Packs (of 12) DISCOUNT - save over 50.00

UK/ Ireland : 360.00 plus 40.00 postage and packing: BUY NOW

Europe : 360.00 plus 120.00 postage and packing: BUY NOW

For supply of multiple packs directly to the middle east, contact Ebdaah at info(@) or call +971 4 277 8094

Discounts/ accounts are available for educational establishments (Nurseries/ Sure Start Centres etc) - Please call 01388 608615 for details

Further Information

We suggest you view the video, taken from the DVD supplied with the programme, to get a feel at what we can offer. You can select the video quality depending if you have a dial-up or broadband connection.

The Programme is only available in English

About the Child Development Programme

The programme has been developed by Dr Madeleine Portwood, who has been an Educational Psychologist for more than 20 years, specialising in the care of 'Early Years' children. Her motor programme is used extensively and freely in schools to assist children.

How the programme helps early childhood development with accelerated learning.

The Child development programme helps development in motor, perceptual and social skills in childhood. It is designed for parents to help young pre-school children learn at home (as well as encouraging quality time together). To the child it may be a toy or game but by helping them learning to learn it will set them in good stead for future learning. The programme is an ideal gift for parents with young children who want to help their developing skills. Unlike most 'educational toys' this programme can be used on a daily basis over several weeks or months. You can chart and take pride in your child's emerging abilities - after all: every child matters.