Preschool education - Helping your child at home to develop literacy, numeracy and movement skills.

Educating the pre school child

The child activity pack from Mentis-XLEducation for the pre school child starts at home. Mentis-XL have designed their child development programme to help parents with children in the early years with their education and learning. 

It is more than an educational toy - it is a complete package and will improve your child's development in many key areas.

At Mentis Excel Ltd we believe that structured programmes are of paramount importance to encourage child development during their most formative years.

We have therefore produced for you and your pre school child a programme of  that should help with their development. 

To your child this may be a toy or game. It has been designed, however, with the aim of improving cognitive development and developing key skills in the early years

The programme has been designed for pre school children by an educational Psychologist with over 20 years experience in working with children in the 'Early Years' and is targeted at parents of children aged between three and five.

Aspects covered include: food and nutrition, social skills, movement skills and perception, with the aim of developing learning skills rather than just the three 'Rs'.

On our website is information relating to this programme and a sample video showing the type of exercises we are trying to encourage parents to try.

For more information on how we can help pre school children develop in the Early Years

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